Know More About Horse Race Betting

Sports betting is a well-loved pastime for many sports enthusiasts, where they can enjoy watching sports while earning money. One of the classics among all sports is horse racing which has existed since the 16th century. Horse racing saw several changes and developments over time, with its beginnings as a primitive test of speed and stamina of horses that turned into a large field of runners, high-tech equipment, and massive amounts of money. Despite these changes, the basic concept of horse racing never changed wherein the horse that reaches the finish line first is the winner.

Today, horse racing events are still considered one of the most relevant and attended sports globally. Its rich history and glamour are why people enjoy watching it while earning money through horse racing betting Singapore.

Types of Betting

There are numerous types of horse bets that are available for sports bettors. However, the various types of betting in the horse racing industry may be different depending on the country. One example is the betting to place wherein other mechanics are in North America compared to Europe, Australia, and Asia.

If you are new to horse racing, the vast array of betting types can be confusing. To help you learn more about online horse betting Singapore, here are three of the most accessible and most common types of betting that you can check out.

  • Win Bet

This type of bet is often called the straight bet, with an easily understandable concept. As the name implies, sports bettors need to straight-up pick the horse that they think will win and place their wager on it. With this type of bet, if your choice wins, you win the bet, and if it does not win, you lose the bet.

  • Place Bet

With this type of bet, you choose the horse you think will place first or second. Similar to a winning bet, a place bet is not complicated. However, the payoffs in place bets tend to be lower as the money is shared between the winning horse and the runner-up.

  • Show Bet

In this type of bet, sports bettors need to pick a horse and bet if it will finish as first, second, or third in the race. If the horse you placed wagers on finishes the race within the top three, then you win the bet. However, if they are out of the top three spots, then you will lose.

Out of the three kinds of horse bets, show bet is the easiest one as there are more options. However, it also means that the payoff in show bets is relatively lower than the other types of horse racing bets.

If you want to learn more about horse race betting, here is an infographic provided by 88ProBet.

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