Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History – Infographic

People love watching sports, and they also love to gamble. Combining these two makes for a fun experience that gets even more exciting, especially when people monitor the current odds in Singapore Pools and different sportsbooks and see them change when betting live.

Sports betting can even be profitable when bettors place futures bets or multibets and take advantage of such long odds. Those who bet on futures typically do so to show their support for a particular player or a team. In contrast, those who bet on parlays and jackpot multibets typically do so to take advantage of the large potential winnings.

Several sports bettors already got rich thanks to betting on parlays through sportsbooks. Parlays typically require bettors to correctly predict the outcome of all matches in the parlay to win, and a single loss ends in any prior wins ending in a loss. Fortunately, some long-legged parlays, especially jackpot parlays, allow bettors to continue having a chance to win only if they lose one match. Should they lose two bets, then they lose the entire bet.

Some bettors who won big include Steve Whiteley, who won £1.45 million on a £2 bet on the Exeter Tote. One of the six horses he picked lost its last 28 races and is a horse that most bettors will avoid like a plague. Whiteley didn’t even have a strategy in mind when picking horses and chose the six horses randomly.

One anonymous Malta bettor placed a $1 bet and won about $735,783 worth of winnings on a 19-leg parlay. The bettor won the entire parlay thanks to Liverpool’s winning goal in the last three minutes of its match with Chelsea. The parlay had the astronomical odds of +68373800. These two are just a few of the biggest sports betting wins in history, and CM2Bet’s article covering this only talks about some of the biggest wins with small stakes not reaching $100. There are still a few other big wins from minimal stakes elsewhere around the world and plenty of big wins from high rollers who naturally win a lot of money through high stakes. To know more about some of these winnings, see this infographic by CM2Bet. Bettors can also check Singapore Pool current odds in the site and try their luck by betting.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History