Hurricane Ida is in the Rear-View Mirror. What’s Next?

Hurricane Ida was among the most destructive storms to hit New Jersey. Some towns recorded more than two inches of rainfall per hour. Meanwhile, others recorded up to ten inches of rain. This resulted in flooded streets, residential properties, and commercial buildings. With strong winds over 150 miles per hour, the storm was strong enough to fling large debris. It was also able to blow off exterior components of houses or other structures.

The storm’s aftermath pushed Governor Phil Murphy to declare a state of emergency. This allowed the deployment of all resources across the state. Months later, New Jersey is still recovering from the remnants of Hurricane Ida. Residents have been receiving help from the government and private organizations.

This calamity emphasized climate change issues. And these might worsen in the future as ocean temperatures and sea levels rise. Although residents survived the previous disaster, there can be another around the corner.

This event also highlighted the importance of preparing before a storm. Likewise, taking swift action after it passes is necessary for residents.

Property owners should hire a NJ structural engineer  to inspect residential and commercial buildings. This is to determine possible issues and address them before a hurricane arrives. Several factors make the structure vulnerable to natural disasters. These include underlying defects, aging structural components, and substandard construction materials.

Owners should also have their properties assessed after a calamity like Ida. This helps them understand their structure’s current condition and the work needed. A structural engineer Hunterdon County  will determine the extent of the damage and identify its cause. Afterward, they will draft a report on the repairs and restorations required. The engineer will also provide insights on making the structures sturdier moving forward.

For more information on the matter, see this infographic provided by Lockatong Engineering. It discusses the roles of structural engineers and structural inspections amidst natural calamities.

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