We are Digital Identity—Why Identity Management Day Matters to All of Us

Identity Management

Massive demand for the digitization of businesses—big and small—in many industries has become a trend over the past two years because of the worldwide pandemic. People’s reliance on using digital networks paved the way for company innovations and an open season for cybercriminals in doing data breaches since online security is still fragile. This online security fiasco led many IT and tech companies to focus on internet security measures. The aim of amplifying the cybersecurity measures is to manage better employee and customer information and safeguard company identity.

authID.ai tries its best to educate leaders about cybersecurity practices and explain digital identity to protect enterprises from digital fraud. For this reason, Identity Management Day 2022 was launched to emphasize our commitment to informing firms about the benefits of multifactor authentication and empowering them, their customers, and employees in building secure digital identity and trust in the world of eCommerce.

Why is Digital Identity Important?

Client trust is one of the main factors for people to enter a transaction in the digital world. Identity verification plays a critical role in knowing who has access to accounts, makes purchases, and requests fund transfers. With all these, biometric authentication is the most accurate and secure way of confirming a person’s identity in every transaction. It protects personalities from cybercrimes like account takeovers, phishing scams, smishing, and other digital engineering attacks by opportunists online.

What Now?

With the easing of strict health protocols, corporate employees and customers can do in-person transactions again. However, this is one sound effect that the pandemic has left us—digital business—will stay for good. Biometric identification opened a way for companies that they need to keep in check for a more secure and convenient transaction.

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