How to Become a Great Mentor

Your journey as a mentor can be an inspiration and guide for others. Mentoring is a great way to transfer knowledge within your company so that the other employees do not waste time on things they should already know about. Mentors can help rising stars learn from experience and gain insight to make better decisions too.

To be a great mentor, your company should also first invest in you. Or rather, you can do it on your own accord, take a few management programs and learn and nurture it. Invest your time learning a lot so that when you are in the position to give advice or work with your mentees, you will have a good time together and be able to teach them what you know. Management programs such as leadership courses will also help you, and what you learn from them will make a big difference in how you will be as a mentor. 

Mentoring is a great way to train future leaders. However, it doesn’t work overnight or by chance. It is important to remember that both you and your mentees must put in effort and time before you can reap the benefits of mentoring.

It can be challenging to become a good mentor, but you can show your mentee multiple methods of dealing with difficult situations to help them get on the right track. Talk them through your process. You will let them know they have the power to choose how they respond to bad news and a failed project. When you become a mentor being a good example to those around you is necessary, and you must be consistent on it.

For more information on how to become a good mentor, you can see this infographic from Corporate Learning Solution.