The Pros and Cons of DIY Car Window Tinting

Adding a bit of window tint to your car or home can be a great way to enhance the look of your vehicle or house. But with the growing demand for window tinting, some people made their way to accommodate their need for Tesla window tinting in Orange Country. While this is okay for those with the right tools to DIY the tinting job, it is advisable that Tesla car tinting in Orange Country be entrusted to a professional. They can help you choose the best type of tint for your needs and install it for you. In addition, they may also provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty, should something go wrong in the process.

DIY Window Tinting Cons

Drawbacks are unavoidable in shading your windows by yourself. Consider the following when you plan on DIY window filming.

Working in an Unfavorable Environment

Drawbacks will likely happen when you have limited access to tools and space. If you are to put tints on your car windows, you’ll need a place that is spacious, clutter-free, and dust-free. This is to avoid reasons that may make your window tinting a failure. Requirements like these might make DIY window tinting a challenging task. Because if you are to apply tints on your residential window, the same principle applies.


Accepting the legal obligation of choosing to conduct your window tinting is equally essential. If your front and side windows are factory-tinted and your car’s window tint is higher than the recommended 70% visible light transmission (VLT), you could receive a penalty.

First-time offenders are issued citations as a warning and an instruction to correct their tinting immediately. Second-time offenders face a $25 fine and must take off their window tinting. Third-time offenders will be subject to a higher penalty. Therefore, it is also preferable to first understand and abide by California’s car window tinting regulations.

Check out this infographic by OC Tintz to learn about the pros of window tinting.