Football-Betting Guide:Getting-Started

Football Betting Guide: Getting Started

In Singapore, football betting is very prevalent. Are you one of the people who want to understand the in and out of this industry? Don’t worry; we got you covered! Here are the terms in football betting:

Terms in Football Betting: 

Juice (or Vig ) – This is how sports books keep their lights on and the charge for placing your bet. Most sportsbooks set the juice at 110 when placing a single bet on a football match. To win $100, you must place $110 (collect $210). To win $10 (collect $21), you must lay $11.

Push: Your wager was a tie. You’ll get your original wager back if you placed a wager on a favorite 7-point score and they win the game by seven. You’d get your initial wager back if you set a wager on the game ending at 23-17.

Future Wager: This is betting on a long-term event. Future wagers may be team-related such as winning a conference or division championship. They could also be awarded to an individual for winning an MVP award or leading the league in passing.

Parlay – A multi-wager parlay requires you to win all legs to cash your ticket. You can win more money if you have more teams.

Teaser: A teaser, a special type of parlay, is one where the bettor receives assistance on the point spread in return for a lower payout.

The Hook – A half-point difference between winning or losing your bet. The most common outcome in football is games with a margin of 3 to 7. If the underdog is +3.5 and loses the game by three points, you win your bet “by-the hook.” However, if the favorite is -7.5 and wins by seven points, you lose “by the hook.”

How To Read Football Betting Odds

You should focus on four things when betting on a football match: the rotation number, point spread, total and money line.

The team names will show the rotation number, which is a 3-digit number. Ticket writers communicate in numbers and not team names. They rely on the rotation number to eliminate any confusion between them and the bettor. You should know the number of games you are betting on.

The point spread: If you look at the odds board, you will see that the favorite will have a minus sign next to the spread. This is the number of points that the team must win in the game to cover the spread. Because the teams receive the same points, you won’t see any number for the underdog team. The underdog can win the game if they don’t lose more than what they receive.

The total: You have two options regarding the sum number of the points scored by each team.

The moneyline: Moneyline betting is displayed on a $100 scale. The favorite will have a minus in front of their number, and the underdog will have a plus. The moneyline is a wager you place on your team’s ability to win the game. There are no point spreads.

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