What Can You Experience in Snowy Mountains, Australia?

What Can You Experience in Snowy Mountains, Australia?

The winter season is one of the most beautiful wonders many Western countries experience. Numerous people look forward to this time of year as it is considered peaceful. The white, fluffy snow that falls on the ground like a blanket makes the holidays memorable and

During this season, one of the popular places many desire to visit is the Snowy Mountains (Snowies), New South Wales, in Australia. The Snowies has a unique landscape that offers both serenity and fun activities that several local and foreign tourists look forward to, such as:


Skiing involves gliding and jumping on a snow slope using skis, which are flat and long runners bound to shoes or boots. This activity can be done through a competition, recreation, or other purposes an individual wants.

Many admire skiing because it is one way they can connect with nature. It is also a fun challenge that is effective for exercising.

Despite the adrenaline rush skiing gives, it can be a dangerous activity. Sometimes, skiers are unaware of where they are skiing and fail to check the ever-changing weather. Thus, it is highly significant for individuals to be mindful of both factors.


Sledding, or sledging or sleighing, is a winter sport commonly carried out in a seated position. It is done on a vehicle called a sled.

Like skiing, sledding can be dangerous regardless of how fun it is. It poses major hazards, making it number two among the most typical childhood injuries. According to silverlining.com, at least 20,000 children are sent to the emergency room yearly due to sledding injuries.

It is vital to practice safe sledding by wearing a helmet, staying dry, using a real sled, and choosing a safe area free of trees and other potential dangers.


Snowboarding is a winter sport derived from skiing, surfing, and skateboarding. It is where the individual rides an epoxy-glass snowboard on a snow-covered surface with their feet positioned perpendicular to the board and the direction they are going. This sport is highly different from skiing, wherein the rider faces forward.

Akin to skiing and sledding, snowboarding can also be recreational if a person wants to. But they can also join competitions like the most successful Winter Olympics.

Of course, it is also a dangerous activity like the rest abovementioned. However, the snowboarder can reduce the risk of injury by riding in control and wearing proper gear, like a helmet.


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