Exploring the Pros and Cons of Medium Firm and Firm Mattress

Are you looking for a new mattress to replace your old one? Before you decide on that random mattress you found at Home Depot, it is important to understand the type you need.

Not all mattresses can accommodate your sleeping needs. Besides providing a place to rest, a mattress must support your vital points – like the spine – and ensure comfort. 

For starters, you can choose between a firm and medium firm mattress. These are often the most common choices for most sleepers.

But how do you know if you need a medium firm or firm mattress? Let us explore their pros and cons below:

Medium Firm Mattress

A medium firm mattress is somewhere between soft and firm, usually on a scale of 5-7. This type of mattress provides adequate support while maintaining comfort.

Medium firm mattresses are suitable for a broader range of people due to their balanced characteristics. Most of these mattresses often come in hybrid, latex, or memory foam, popular material choices.

To get a more introspective look into medium firm mattresses, here are their pros and cons:

Medium Firm Pros

  • Best for Lighter People – If you are of small stature and lightweight, a medium firm mattress is the best choice. They can provide a soft surface to sleep while supporting your vital points.
  • Best for Side Sleepers – are you the type to sleep on your side? Do you shift positions frequently while resting? Consider purchasing a medium firm mattress for the best middle ground.
  • Pressure Relief – Medium firm mattresses can contour to your body shape, allowing pressure relief and reducing back pain.

Medium Firm Cons

  • Not for Heavy Sleepers – If you are a little heavy, a medium firm mattress might not have enough support to keep you comfortable.
  • Not for Stomach and Back Sleepers – A medium firm mattress might not keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your back or stomach.

Firm Mattress

Firm mattresses provide more resistance than other types of mattresses. These are usually made of hybrid or innerspring, with a level ranging from 8 and above.

Due to increased resistance, firm mattresses tend to feel a little harder. Regardless, they remain comfortable for the right sleeper.

Explore their pros and cons below to see if firm mattresses are your option:

Firm Pros

  • For Heavy Sleepers – If you are heavy, firm mattresses can offer the proper support to keep your spine aligned and maximize comfort.
  • For Back and Stomach Sleepers – As mentioned, firm mattresses have enough surface resistance to support your neck and back.
  • Ventilation – Since firm mattresses do not sink, they can keep you from overheating while asleep.

Firm Cons

  • Too Stiff – A firm mattress may be too stiff for side and lightweight sleepers.
  • Unsuitable for Certain Conditions – Do not buy a firm mattress if you have conditions like scoliosis since this type of mattress may worsen the pain.

Mattresses With Sleep Technology

Whether you need a firm or medium firm mattress, buying yours from a reliable manufacturer is essential. AiR by Nishikawa uses advanced sleep technology to make the ultimate mattress that provides maximum comfort, support, and relief. Visit their website for more information.