Top 5 Reasons to Archive Employee Mobile Communication in 2021

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for various means for business communication has accelerated. Today, mobile communication has a crucial role in both the government and private sectors as they had to adjust to remote work arrangements to continue their operations. Remote work helps ensure safety for their workers so they would not contract the virus. Due to the rapid shift to the new model, enterprises saw widespread use of mobile phones for work-related purposes that can effectively facilitate business communication.

The popularity of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp grew. In October 2021, there were 2 billion users and 100 million messages being sent daily. Voice and video calls are also included. Other than WhatsApp, other mobile messaging apps such as Telegram and WeChat have seen significant increases in their usage. While these apps can be very beneficial for companies, they can also have adverse effects on them if they are not used correctly.

Mobile devices were first used to store contact information and other business-related data before the pandemic. Although it is the fastest way to connect, organizations should also consider mobile messaging and call archive solutions that conform with regulations. These solutions will protect business data and prevent data loss.

Mobile archive solutions such as A&T archiving allow enterprises to easily access the data on recorded calls and messages in compliance with regulations, letting them check if employees follow corporate policies. A great mobile solution archiving tool also enables users to capture and save phone calls, voicemails, and SMS from different mobile carriers.

Archiving communication can be seen as more than just a record that must comply with regulations. Companies can examine the interactions and communication between clients and employees to see areas where they can improve their customer service, as customer satisfaction is vital to the survival of a business in the long run.

For more information about the top 5 reasons to archive employee mobile communication in 2021, here is an infographic from TeleMessage.