Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic

Every sports fan dream of winning while betting on the match they love. It’s great to have fun and support your favorite player or team. This will require placing an outright wager if you want to win large bets in a soccer odd Singapore pool. Although it is risky, it is worth the effort if one is fortunate. Keep reading to learn more about people who had won big even when they placed low wagers, with very few exceptions.

Rory McIlroy’s Dad Wins $130,000 after Betting on His Son’s Win.

Parents naturally respond to their children’s needs by giving them support. This is especially true for parents who place bets on their children when involved in a championship match, as Rory Macllroy’s dad did. His father placed a bet of 200 British pounds on him. His father bet on him for 200 British pounds. Fast forward ten years, his father won $130,000 when Rory has crowned the 2014 golf champion.

A Tennis Fan Wins PS100,000.

Because of the excitement and fun it brings, some people enjoy placing future bets. Nicholas Newlife is one such person. He put a 1500-pound wager on Roger Federer, a well-known tennis player, winning his Wimbledon title for the seventh consecutive year in 2012. Although this did happen, Newlife passed away in 2009. He could have bought 100,000 pounds if he had been alive at the time.

Grandfather Wins PS125,000 By Betting That His Grandson Will Play Professionally

Grandparents are so loved! Sometimes grandparents see potential in infants that their parents don’t. This is the case of Peter Edwards, a grandfather who confidently bet 125,000 pounds on Harry Wilson. His bet? His grandson would be a professional football player. Wilson, at the age of 16, became a top player. Edwards won his prize and retired. If you are interested in participating in futures betting through Singapore pools soccer bet type, we suggest you read more through this infographic from CM2Bet.

Biggest Futures Bet Wins – Infographic