Commercial Building Inspection in the Garden State

Potential buyers and property owners in New Jersey will benefit from a building inspection by assessing if a commercial property is suitable for investment. A commercial building inspection NJ evaluates the building’s condition, detects any potential hazards or risks, and provides repair and maintenance requirements. Having a building inspection helps investors make informed decisions when negotiating with the seller.

Professional support is essential when conducting property inspections. Portfolio managers or investors should hire an expert commercial building inspector NJ to inspect the property’s major systems and other components. A qualified professional will have the experience and competence to inspect the property from all sides and record the condition of each part.

The tasks performed during commercial inspections include checking the building’s major systems: structural, roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), life safety, and fire protection. A professional engineer inspects these components to identify the types of systems installed, their functionality, and their condition. Their assessment will include the anticipated repair, restoration, or replacement cost.

Inspectors usually have a maintenance checklist when doing the job. The engineer inspects the building’s exterior, including the façade, windows, doors, parking area, and loading docks. They also examine the interiors, checking elements like the floors, bathrooms, offices, and kitchen spaces. The inspection will also check the establishment’s compliance with life safety and fire protection.

A commercial building inspection is done to identify potential issues that could affect business operations or risks that could be dangerous for occupants. Common problems in commercial buildings that can bring unexpected costs if not addressed include faulty electrical wiring, leaking plumbing, and water infiltration in the building envelope. It is essential to identify these problems early so the property can maintain its good condition.

For more information about commercial building inspection in the Garden State, here is an infographic from Lockatong Engineering.